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The recording studios BruaR were inaugurated in May of 1.999. With the most modern equipments of the northwestern spanish market it offers the best recording facilieties. Its accomplishment was the responsibility of the company Reflexion Arts, with exclusive design and direction of the British engineer Philip Newell, well known as old head of engineers of Virgin Records and to whom the merit corresponds of having directed the first recordings of Mike Oldfield, LED Zeppelin, The Who, among others. Studios Bruar have been designed and equipped to give a practical and versatile answer to any kind of recording demand.
The human team of the
studios BruaR , constitutes technicians and highly qualified personnel of production, who know to adapt to their necessities with a service done to their measurement. For it we counted on the most sophisticated equipment of vanguard and arrange so much in room of recording as in control, of the more modern digital advances. We counted, at the same time, with a laboratory MIDI.

All this allows us to work in your project with the Maxima professionalism and to that way obtain the best results of an agile and economic way. In addition we can manage the hiring of professionals and the rent of the auxiliary equipment that the precise necessities of production can advise.

studios BruaR occupies a surface of 100 square meters and has completes digital technology:

System of recording to hard disk.

64 tracks system Pro Tools.

Table D8B Mackie totally automated.

The own Philip Newell has designed the system of monitors starting from a trumpet model of sharp that he developed in collaboration with the University of Southampton.

Near listening is a Genelec 1030A, with the alternative of Yamaha NS the 10 or AGL M-6.

The study has processors of varied and previous sounds of high range.

The microphon includes models so diverse as Neumann, Earthworks, Telefunken, Akg, Shure, Senheisser and Sony.

It has grand piano, battery, complete Set of percussion, as well as a great variety of sound modules, samplers and keyboards, including a Kurzweill 2500 X.

Renowned technicians also collaborate as Pablo Barreiro, Oscar Vinader, and Fran Gude.


Praza Mestre Mateo nº3 baixo
15003 A Coruña SPAIN



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