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Our idea when developing the study was to create a control in the one that the interaction of the sound it was it but possible neutral. For we contact it with Phil Newell that endorsed by their great experience, it developed an adjusted acoustic design to our demands and at the same innovative time.

The front wall counts with an alive, hard and slightly diffuse sector. The later wall very soft, absorbent, almost anecoica:


It -minimizes the effects of the reflection and for ende the derived distortions.
-help to maintain an answer in uniform frequency in position of mixture-Psicoacusticamente he/she believes an infinite distance in the one I space where the only thing that one can listen is the sound coming from the front, true and extremely precise.
He/she -allows to have a total control about the location and depth of the instruments.
It -is able to project a clear image stereo.
He/she -offers the monitorear possibility during hours at high levels of sound pressure without degradation of the integrity auditory.

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